Right now, there’s a possibility that the two of us can be doing the same thing. Like me, you can also be by your window and looking at the night sky and mistaken an airplane for a shooting star. Maybe, you’re also holding your phone on your right hand expecting your friends to message you a moment later. Or maybe, you’re also thinking about these things, that someone out there, someone you haven’t met yet is doing exactly the same thing as you. 

I was right. My life changed in an instant brought about by your giving up. You give up before trying. Before you lift your finger to put on the effort, you decided there and then that you can’t do anything to fix these. For you, it’s the end. But for me, it isn’t over. You ended it but I remain there. And things will only end if both parties stop trying. The fact that I’m still holding my place is an indication that it’s not yet over. I like to say that it’s just a time-out. But it’s definitely not a game over. I can’t just give up easily just because you’re the first one to do it. Maybe if I could convince you that things are still there waiting to be fix, you’ll go back to your place again and resume everything. Maybe if I could make you see that shutting me out is not the right way to clean this mess, you’ll start walking beside me again to catch things up. maybe if I try a little more and exert a little more, you’ll see that I’m strong enough for this relationship of ours to carry on. 

"I find beauty in the fact that I can’t grasp everything that God does."


Thinkin Bout You | Frank Ocean

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